Being beaten in the dirt
Didn’t really cease to hurt
When I picked myself up from the earth
After for mercy pleading

And something bout that stone I felt
The one when in the earth I knelt
Hard and cold against me while
To unsure stance proceeding

It dug into my flesh a bit
And hurt more than where I’d been hit
And left hardness in tender tissue
Scarred after finished bleeding

Somehow that wound had shown my fault in rising
from this quick assault
And hardened indeed as my heart did
For period much less fleeting
With lump in throat and sunken breast
I walked away from each these tests
With more hardness in flesh and chest
Eyes down, cold, ungreeting

Then one day walking as alone
Along a shore not far from home
A child handed me a stone
As though ‘twas something needed

As my habit was those days
I almost tossed it square away
Consigned it to the rolling waves
gratitude unheeded

But it shimmered as I nearly cast it
Like its core was made of glass
Reflecting as twas changed in aspect
Showing blazing sun

I called the child… who’d taken flight
Amused with some other delight
Innocence asserts its playful right
Somewhere immersed in fun

I wear that stone until this day
Against my chest to ward away
Some evil spirit my mind may
Give unwelcome birth

Sometimes alone I crave the sight
And turn it in the brilliant light
And softly, spirit takes to flight
Above this stony earth



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